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Cryolipolysis +Cavitation slimming (BESTVIEW-BM606)


1. Thinner face,

2. Reducing fat

3. skin tightening

4. Body slimming, body shaping

5. To promote and accelerate the body's metabolism


Principle of Treatment :

     Our machine utilizes the cryolipolysis and multifrequency ultrasonic cavitation technology for body slimming.When the 

subcutaneous temperature to -6 ℃to -10 ℃,the fat cells are frozen, then the multi-frequency ultrasonic cavitation head 

thawing frozen fat cells, solidified fat cells, so that fat cells to accelerate the elimination,achieve the ultimate purpose of 

weight loss.


Criolipolisis System and cavitation slimming is the new generation design for body slimming, body shaping. It is the 

product of high advanced technology,the body weight loss with stable function. 2 probes can help you get treatment anywhere.

Also, various frequency  of cavitation is the newest ultrasonic cavitation technology to help create more results.


1.11 inch color tough screen, more easy to be used.

2. 2 different sizes of treatment heads can be used for different part: body and face.

3.More than 5 years of service life, 80% spare parts are imported, high quality and good effect.

4. Combination of two technologies: Cryolipolisis and Cavitation,the result is better,fat decomposition more thoroughly.

Power Supply Output


Ultrasonic Frequency


Ultrasonic Power

1~ 50W/CM2

Vacuum Pressure


Handpiece Number


S1 Small Criolipolisis for small area treatment

S2 Big Criolipolisis for big area treatment

S3 For multi-frequency ultrasonic cavitation treatment

Shots Number

No limited

Cooling System

water + wind + semiconductors + cooling gel

Skin Cooling

-10C ~ 10C

LCD Display:


3: S1: 11" color touch LCD display

S2: 3.5" color touch LCD display

S3: 3.5" color touch LCD display



Working Time

conti nuously/ hours





Cooling temperature





Meet with us in Hong Kong,2017 COSMOPROF ASIA
Meet with us in Hong Kong,2017 COSMOPROF ASIA
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