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Portable Picosure Machine User Instruction


Portable Picosure Machine Applications


Remove all kinds of tattoo, eyebrow tattoo, eye line, lip liner, eyelid tattoo, etc.


Remove freckles, foxiness, superficial and deeper speckles, age pigment, birthmark, nevus, upper skin splash, traumatic pigmentation, etc.

Treat skin lesion of the blood vessel, hemangioma, red blood streak, etc.


Anti-wrinkle and skin rejuvenation-dermal tissue could absorb large amounts of laser to stimulate fibroblasts in Dermal layer. 

Cure acne, scar and pores missing, etc.

Portable Picosure Machine Advantages

  • Precise positioning of the target tissue for removing all kinds of pigments and tattoos effectively and safely.

  • All metal modular structure design for the safety and beauty of machine.

  • South Korea imported 7 joint articulated arm.

  • 2-10mm adjustable spot size.

  • Single pulse, double pulse, long pulse optional.

  • Solid laser seed source & MOPA amplification technology.

  • Flat-top hat beam mode to make sure energy density.

  • 2500MJ high output energy for good treatment results.

Machine Safety Recommendations

This machine is precise equipment merely used for medical application. Passing strict security detection before delivery, this system won’t have any accident under normative operation. Therefore, please read this chapter and others concerned carefully to protect the personal safety of operators and patients. 

Fire Prevention

  • Paper and plastic are forbidden to put near to the work area of this machine, because considerable absorption of energy may lead to the burning of these materials.

  • Instead of any other people, the medical staff responsible for this operation should control the output of laser well.

  • Prevent laser beam from getting close to combustible, anesthetic or other inflammable solvents. 

Electric Protection

  • Keep the workshop where this machine is put clean and dry, and make sure there is no dripping or vapor at startup.

  • This beauty equipment can only be maintained and repaired by the technical engineers of our company. Any consequence caused by unauthorized disassembly is beyond our responsibility.

  • Please make sure the machine is well earthed at using.

  • To avoid dangerous output in the abnormal condition, the current-limiting setting is done before delivery.

NOTE: Any abnormal condition appears, the system will show malfunction failure immediately and close all power supplies after sounding an alarm. Under this circumstance, you can turn on the power to restart it. If the malfunction still exists, please contact the manufacturer or the appointed agent instantly.

Eye Protection 

  • It’s forbidden to directly observe the laser beam that reflected or scattered after radiation. Otherwise, the damage to the retina may be caused. 

  • NOHD refers to that the irradiance dose is less than the distance of relevant MPE (maximum permissible exposure). If it’s not for intentional observation, the NOHD value of this machine is about 5m.

  • The place where safety goggles are placed should have highlighting marks, which can ensure all staff including the patient takes protective measures to prevent their eyes from being harmed.

Key Keeping

  • Main switches of this beauty apparatus are the two start keys delivered together with the host machine.

  • Both the carrying and usage of them should be done by the doctors who have received professional laser medical training.

Portable Picosure Machine Accessories 

Portable Picosure Machine Installation steps

  • Install articulated arm

  • Insert the articulated arm into its pedestal at the back of the screen 

  • Insert the treatment head into the articulated arm and screw it tightly and then connect the tubes on two sides.

  • Insert probe support 

The specific steps are as follows:

Add water

  • Get some purified water (can be drink water) around 3L;

  • Change the water about 1-2 months;

  • Don’t stop injecting until there is water flowing out from “SPILT WATER”. 

Connect Foot Pedal

Connect The Power Line

Portable Picosure Machine Details On Screen


Different signs are correspond to different meanings


Back to main interface


Operating temperature


Clear this operation record




Pulse counter




Adjust brightness of red light  


Spot diameter


Adjust wavelength (1064nm or 532nm)


Adjust parameters (energy, frequency or spot diameter)


Power button ( start / end treatment)


Fluence (system automatic adjustment) 

Please refer to PTP interface above!

Before Operation

  • It is necessary that users should read the manual carefully prior to the application of this machine;

  • Consult patients on whether they have any of the contraindications mentioned previously;

  • It is suggested that this machine is operated in a separated room.

  • Try not to make up on the day of operation. If clients have done, please remove it to keep the treatment area clean.

  • Please do a physical examination to ensure treatment effect and prevent the anaphylactic reaction.

  • Disinfect the probe and other therapeutic devices.

  • Make sure the handle and power line are well connected into the machine;

  • It’s recommended to do a 30-minute ice compress before treatment to lower the aching feeling.

During Operation

1.Turn on the machine:                                         

  • Lift the emergency button. ( If the red Emergency Switch is pressed down, the power will be shut off immediately. So, it should  be released when you are trying to start the machine.)

  • Turn the start key in front panel and start the machine. 

2.Then you will see the main interface on the screen. Click “SP”, “LP” or “PTP” to enter into corresponding interfaces (Take SP mode as an example): 

3. There are 4 parameters in total that need to be set in SP mode interface, including: “Energy”, “Frequency”, “Spot diameter”, “Wavelength” (please refer to the next part for recommended parameters.) 

  • “Energy” shows the strength and vitality acting on the treatment areas. 

  • “Frequency” shows the number of pulses per unit time.

  • “Spot diameter” can be adjusted by button 11.or rotating probe according to the size of the patient's treatment area as the above picture shown.

  • “Wavelength” includes 532nm or 1064nm optional. 

  • “Fluence” is affected by energy, frequency or spot diameter. Anyone changes, the system will automatically adjust, no need for artificial adjustment.

4. Put on protective goggles for operator and patient to avoid harm for your eyes from the laser.

5. Press the power button to start treatment. Only when the key turns to red can the operator begin the treatment.

6. Place the probe close to the treatment area to move back and forth. Try to make it perpendicular in order to prevent energy loss.

7. Trample the foot pedal by your foot so that the laser can be released successfully.

8. During the operation, the client can feel a little pain.

9. After the treatment, press the power button again, then it will turns to original color.

10.Turn off the power, clean probe and working area, etc.

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