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SHR (Super Hair Removal) Hair Removal Machine | Bestview


SHR stands for Super Hair Removal, It adopts the newest OPT (Optimal Pulse technology) technology. A breakthrough technology to provide permanent hair removal quickly and without pain. With SHR technology one does not need single pulses with high energy. The skin is massaged six to ten times using low energy but with high frequency. This procedure is referred to as the so-called “in-Motion” methodology, because the hand piece is moved over the treated area in sliding movements


SHR is the proven method of permanent hair reduction that allows for safer, pain free treatments to a wide client base. Super Hair Removal delivers low energy light (480-690nm) via rapid "pulses" - (10 per second) to gently, effectively and efficiently traumatises the hair stem cells thus preventing re-growth of hair.


Advantages of the SHR Technology

 SHR “in-Motion” technology

SHR technology need not single pulses with high energy. Using low energy but high frequency, the skin is massaged from six to ten times. This procedure is referred to “in-Motion” technology, because the hand piece is moved over the treated area in sliding movements.


In-motion Technology, fast & effective. An In-Motion method is used with SHR by moving the handpiece multiple times over the area being treated to ensure full coverage of the treated area. Grid templates are used to ensure the most effective results. Glacial Tech cooling is used via a sapphire tip preventing superficial burns and facilitating virtually painless but very effective hair removal. Intelligent software enables simple ease of use and delivery parameters for faster more effective treatments and results.


Having been proven safe

Working for all hair types

Also working for sun-tanned skin

Permanent hair removal method

Completely covering the treated area

Almost painless as a hair removal method

SHR hair removal or IPL hair removal


When using the classical IPL hair removal procedure, energy is released by a single pulse with the high energy density possible. The entire energy is absorbed by the papilla, in the process, the papilla is supposed to be heated up to 70 degrees and destroyed within a short time. And the skin also containing melanin, it also absorbs that energy something which is not actually desired. That is the reason why this method of treatment is often regarded as being painful and unpleasant. there is also always a danger of unwanted side effects.


SHR method uses multiple impulses which are released with proportionately low single pulse energy. not using single pulses with high energy, The frequency is 10 Hz, that is 10 pulses per second, Through the large number of impulses an enormously high amount of energy is applied per treated skin surface without straining the epidermis.


As we know, if proteins are heated up more than 43°degrees Celsius. they will lose their live and life-giving qualities. During treatment with the SHR technology,  the treated area is heated up to 45°C 50°C. The surrounding tissue serves as an energy reservoir, so the temperature of the hair papillae and their stem cells is also maintained by the surrounding tissue.


Combined with in-motion technology, SHR is much better, faster, safer and more gentle treatments than traditional IPL.


Check a video about SHR technology hair removal machine from Bestview client

SHR hair removal treatment


For all skin types

SHR gradually heats the skin until the required level is delivered directly to the hair folical without causing harm to skin that contains high pigment count or dark skin types. This unique targeted approach also allows for increased treatment results in fair skin and blonde hair, including tanned skin.


Also allows for a new dimension in the effective treatment of:skin rejuvenation, pigmentation, wrinkles, vascular lesions and acne.


How many sessions does one need?


If the hair is in the anagen phase of growth during hair removal treatment, in other words, it is in the active growth phase, it can merely be destroyed as is the case with IPL technology. However, almost four to eight sessions are only needed in order to ensure permanent hair removal.


SHR hair removal machine - BESTVIEW

 How does SHR machine work

1. IPL + SHR together

2. Fast hair removal

3. Up to 10HZ with motion treatment

4. 15mm*50mm big spot size

5. Six functions together:

hair removal faster + skin rejuvenation + vascular removal + wrinkle removal + acne removal + pigmentation removal




Super spot size

Multi-language interface

Smart and unique designed handpiece

Exactly under controlled energy

Distinct refrigeration advantage

Intelligent and simple operation mode

Vertical and portable design

Two handpieces also designed

Synthetic machine with Nd Yag laser machine: SHR+Nd Yag laser machine







2500 W


1-10 HZ adjustable

Power density

1-50 J/cm2 adjustable

Spot size

15mm * 50mm


More 300.000


Water + wind + semiconductor + sapphire

Main functions

Hair removal, skin rejuvenation


Official standard of 5 filters


8.4 inch color touch display

Packed size


Gross weight


 Inquiry for SHR machine

Before and after - Treatment with SHR hair removal

 Treatment with SHR hair removal

Bestview has gained rich experience in the production of beauty equipment for sale, and we aim to offer best SHR machine for all kinds of beauty Spa owners and other buyers with reasonable SHR machine price. In addition, we also offer other types of hair removal machine for sale, such as, three-wavelength Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine, diode laser hair removal machine, E-light hair removal machine, IPL hair removal machine etc. Contact us now!

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