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IPL+SHR+ND.YAG Laser Three-in-One Machine (BESTVIEW- BW289)

The IPL+SHR+Laser Three-in-One beauty machine rises in response to the different requirements of those who pursue for beauty and the excellence of skin, reaching the purposes of both hair removal and tattoo elimination. At the same time, it saves on beauty expenses, space and time, allowing you to get different beauty experiences and effects at once.

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How to work of SHR+ Nd Yag Laser Equipment

Treatment Theory of IPL+SHR+ND.YAG Laser Three-in-One Machine:


The pigment content in pathological tissues is a lot more than that in normal ones. So is the temperature increasing degree after light absorption. Taking advantage of this temperature difference, vessels in target area close and pigment begins to decompose without any damage to non-target tissues.


Chemical changes occur to the molecular structure of collagenous and elastic fibers after they’re stimulated by light, decomposing, accreting and rearranging so as to restore original elasticity. The thermal interaction produced in the process can reach the effect of removing wrinkles, shrinking pores and whitening skin by strengthening  vascular function and improving circulation. Pyrolysis makes hemoglobin absorb a lot of heat in a flash, while selective pyrolysis makes the temperature of follicles rise in no time, which decomposes nutrition group and makes hair fall off naturally.


Adopting light-induced blasting theory, ND.YAG laser can penetrate skin epidermis and finally reach its deep layer within the ultra-pulsed time of microsecond or millisecond grade. In this way, the pigment granules inside of skin can be crushed and then popped out of body immediately or carried away slowly after being swallowed by macro phages. Since laser with specific wavelength is capable of going deep into pigment-diseased tissues, superficial layer and normal skin won’t be damaged at all.

Features of SHR+ Nd Yag Laser Equipment

Advantages of IPL+SHR+ND.YAG Laser Three-in-One Machine:

For IPL / SHR:

1. Fast hair removal, can be fired 10 times / second (10 HZ) as fast as Laser Diode.

2. Lamp imported from Germany, 400000-500000 shots can be reached

3. Five filters meet your different treatment demands

Treatment Handle for IPL&SHR 

It is mainly used to remove all kinds of hairs and has FIVE filters optional:

480nm: vascular therapy

530nm: skin rejuvenation

530nm: pigmentation therapy

590nm: wrinkles removal

640nm: hair removal

690nm: acne therapy

For Nd.YAG Laser:

1. 3 types of laser(532nm / 1064nm / 1320nm). Suitable for all skin types and tattoos.

2. Maximum power can reach 1600mj. Other laser can usually reach only1000mj

3. 1-10Hz. This laser can be fired at 10 shots per second maximum and the treatment is much faster. The normal laser is only 1-5Hz or 6Hz.

4. Three treatment tips optional

Treatment Handle for Nd:YAG

It is professional for removing all kinds of pigments. There are THREE treatment tips as following:

532nm wavelength: remove light color pigments like shallow red, brown, pink, etc. 

1064nm wavelength: remove deep color pigments like black, blue, scarlet red, deep coffee, etc. 

1320nm wavelength: professional for skin rejuvenation, blackhead removal, skin whitening, etc.

Application of IPL+SHR+ND.YAG Laser Three-in-One Machine: 

 IPL & SHR :

Hair Removal

Skin Rejuvenation

Pigmentation Therapy

Vascular Therapy

Acne Therapy

Wrinkle Removal

Nd:YAG Laser:   


Black Doll

Nevus of Ota




Hollywood peeling

More information about SHR hair removal machine 

 Technical Data Show


Basic specification

Power: 2500W

Quantity of handle: 2

Screen: 10.4" color touch LED display

Cooling system: Water + wind + semiconductor + cooling gel

Voltage: 220V/110V, 50/60HZ

Package size: 72*57*59cm

Package weight: 46.2kg




Laser: 532nm/1064nm/1320nm

Spot size:

IPL&SHR: 15*50mm

Laser: 2~8mm(adjustable)


IPL&SHR: 1~10Hz(adjustable)

Laser: 1~10Hz(adjustable)


IPL&SHR: 1~50J/cm2(adjustable)


SHR+ Nd Yag Laser Equipment Treatment Show

SHR+ Nd Yag Laser Equipment Treatment Before and After

SHR Nd Yag Laser Machine Video

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