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Portable IPL Hair Removal Machine (BESTVIEW-BW185)

The Function of Portable IPL Hair Removal Machine:

1.Hair removal, 

2.Acne treatment ,

3.Vascular therapy,

4.Skin rejuvenation, 

5.Wrinkle improving.

6.Pigmentation eliminating, 

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IPL hair removal machine for sale

How IPL Hair Removal Machine Work

The working priciple of IPL Hair Removal Machine is based on its selective absorptivity by substances with different colors. When the intense pulsed light penetrates epidermis, the energy of light will be largely absorbed by the inner pigments, which in result destroys follicle tissues and restrains hair regrowth.

Paralyzing principle: The pigment content in pathological tissues is a lot more than that in normal ones. So the temperature will increase after light absorption. Taking advantage of this temperature difference, vessels in target area close and pigment begins to decompose without any damage to non-target tissues.

Selective light absorption: The light with specific wavelength emitted by Mini IPL Hair Removal System can penetrate into epidermis and dermis layer.Adopting the selective absorption of substances with different colors, light is absorbed by the melenin in hair follicle.

Biological stimulation: Photo-chemical effect is produced after the function of intense pulsed light on skin, which leads to the chemical structure change of those molecules inside of collagenous and elastic fiber. In this way, original skin elasticity comes back again. 

IPL hair removal machine's features

Main Features of IPL Hair Removal Machine:

 1. The treatment parameters are adjustable 

 2. The IPL light can directly aim at hair root 

 3. No appearance of the side effect brought

 4. Safe and painless, no harm to skin.

 5. High efficiency and fast speed.

 6. Wide range of applicable skin problems.

 7.Easy to install and operate.

More information about SHR hair removal machine and IPL machine.

Screen of IPL hair removal machine

Accessories of IPL hair removal machine

Parameters of IPL hair removal machine

Treatment of IPL hair removal machine

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