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Professional Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine (BESTVIEW-BM-M108)

Characteristics of 808nm Diode laser:

1.Safe permanent hair removal on all skin types

2. No pain, very comfortable during the treatment

3. Suitable for any unwanted hairs on areas like face, arms, armpits, chest, back, bikini, legs, etc

4. Easy to carry, easy to operation

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Diode laser 808nm is the most complete and effective hair removal machine available today. Incorporating multiple laser wavelengths and technologies, not only allows practitioners to treat a wide range of hair types but also makes patients enjoy a comfortable treatment process and effective clinical result.

How does laser work.jpg

808nm Diode Laser Is The Gold Standard For Hair Removal

The 808nm diode laser can radiate near-infrared optical waves, intense light pulses, which will reach the deep root of follicles, scattering and heating the pigments in them. And the strong pulses are very short so that they not only can destroy quickly targeted hair follicles but also does no harm to neighboring tissues, thus realizing the efficacy of permanent hair removal. With the metabolism, the damaged target tissue is excreted. At the same time, because of the advanced cooling system, it won’t bring any pain for you. 

The key to Laser Hair Removal Is To Remove Hair Papilla

The hair exposed to the skin surface is called the hair shaft and is divided into hair roots inside the hair follicle. At the lower end of the root, there is an expansion body like an onion, which is a hair papilla. It plays a leading role in the regulation of hair follicle development and periodic growth. Once the papilla is damaged, the hair follicles cannot develop normally and the hair cannot grow normally. All the hair follicles are born with people and can not be regenerated after death with the life of the person, It will achieve the effect of permanent hair removal.

Ideal for the laser hair destruction is the anagen phase.

In this phase, the hair is connected to the papilla and is close to the surface.

If enough energy is released into the hair shaft, the damage will delay or even prevent hair growth.

10 reasons to choose the 808nm Hair Removal laser :

Permanent hair removal

808nm optimal wavelength

High energy density up to 120J/cm2

High frequency up to 10Hz

Big spot size up to 30*30mm 

Sapphire contact cooling

Comfortable as painless treatment

Don’t worry about side effects

Long lifetime and less maintenance

No anesthesia and no downtime after treatment

Laser Parameters.jpg






Spot size

15*17mm (20*20mm or 30*30mm optional)

Pulse Width




Energy Density


Flow rate of hand piece


Volume of cooling water



220/110V, 50/60HZ






Laser Treatment before and after.jpg

Portable Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine Video 

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Bestview In 3rd IMAAC 2019
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BESTVIEW Attended The ICAD Thailand 2019
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